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About Us

Here at Impounded Car Insurance UK we have a team of fully trained insurance specialists ready to take your call.

The majority of insurers simply will not allow you to insure an impounded vehicle and finding an impounded car insurance policy can be time consuming, stressful and costly. Our aim is to take away that stress and to provide you with the insurance you need both quickly and for a reasonable price.

Working closely with a number of specialist insurers we will tailor your quote to suit you – whether you are looking for short term impounded car insurance or for a policy that will continue to cover you for 12 months. We have various options and always ensure that you get the right policy for the right price.

Working closely with these insurers, we are also able to offer policies for those with driving convictions (such as an IN10 for driving without valid insurance).

We are not here to judge. No matter why your car has been seized, we can provide a suitable impounded car insurance policy and help you get your car back on the road as soon as possible.Click here to get in touch and get a quote.

Impounded Car Insurance - Get your car back on the road