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Impounded Car Insurance Policies

What type of policy do I need to release my car from the Impound?

Without the correct insurance policy you will not be able to collect your car from the impound. A standard insurance policy will not be accepted by the impound and you will need a special impounded car insurance policy.

Can you use short term insurance for impounded cars?

In many cases the police will advise you that a short term insurance policy is not suitable for collecting an impounded car. However, this is only correct if the short term insurance policy is valid for less than a 30 day period.

Our specialist insurance advisors can provide you with a quote for a 30 day impounded car insurance policy.

What about an annual impounded car insurance policy?

If a short term policy does not suit your needs, we can still help by providing an annual insurance policy. The policy will allow you to collect your car from the impound and then cover you to drive the vehicle for a full 12 month term.


There are benefits to both short term and annual impounded car insurance policies and our team will discuss both options with you:


Short Term 30 Day Impounded Car Insurance Policy:

  • Only committed to one month of insurance
  • Third party cover only
  • No named drivers
  • Can only cover registered owner of vehicle

Annual Impounded Car Insurance Policy:

  • A full year of cover
  • Further options for cover- i.e. fully comprehensive or third party etc.
  • Option to add named drivers
  • Car can be collected by owner or named driver

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