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IN10 Insurance

If your car has been seized by the police for driving without insurance, you will likely reiceve an IN10 motoring conviction. Impounded Car Insurance UK specialise in providing IN10 insurance policies that will allow you to collect your impounded car.

Once your car has been seized by the police it will be difficult to find insurance because you may have an IN10 motoring conviction. Impounded Car Insurance UK are one of the only places that offer insurance for impounded cars. On top of being specialists at sourcing seized car insurance we are also able to offer IN10 insurance for drivers that have received an IN10 motoring conviction and had their car seized.

We are able to offer insurance for drivers with IN10 convictions that cover the collection of a seized car from the compound. Because we work with several specialist insurance companies as our partners we are able to offer a wide range of insurance policies for IN10 convicted drivers that other companies simply cannot offer.

Standard car insurance companies do not offer IN10 insurance due to the risks involved. A driver that has an IN10 conviction on their license is seen as a high risk case. This is why you should speak to an insurance company that offer high risk insurance policies at competitive rates such as Impounded Car Insurance UK.

Our products range from impounded car insurance, convicted driver insurance (covering motoring convictions such as IN10 insurance, DR10 insurance etc.) and criminal conviction driver insurance.

If you are looking for insurance and have an IN10 conviction Impounded Car Insurance UK can help. Contact us today for your quote.