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Why do the police seize vehicles?

Under section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988, police have the power to seize any vehicle that is being driven without a valid insurance policy or where the driver does not hold a valid driving license.

Once the car has been seized your car will be taken to the impound, where you will be charged a release fee plus a daily storage fee until the vehicle is collected.

What is an IN10 Driving Conviction Code?

An IN10 conviction code is the penalty received for driving a vehicle without the necessary minimum insurance in place. The minimum insurance required is currently a policy that covers against damages to third parties. A IN10 conviction will stay on a drivers licence for a period of 4 years from the date of the offence.

An IN10 offence can either carry a fixed penalty or a magistrates court penalty, depending on the severity of the case and whether the driver contests the charges. A fixed penalty generally consists of 6 Penalty points and a £300 fine. A Court penalty can have 6 – 8 penalty points and a band C fine (150% of relevant weekly income). The courts could also issue a 12 month ban on the offender in place of issuing penalty points.

What happens to impounded cars?

Once your car has been seized by the police, they will contact their contracted towing company to collect the vehicle. The car will then be taken to the police compound where it will be stored until collected. If the car is never collected the compound may sell it at auction or send it to be destroyed.

How can I get my impounded car back?

To release your impounded car you will need to show proof of insurance along with proof of ownership and your full drivers license (including counterpart). A standard insurance policy will not suffice and a special impounded car insurance policy is required. Without the correct policy you will not be able to retrieve your car and will incur further daily fees.Click here to start the process.

Why can’t I use standard car insurance to collect my impounded car?

Standard insurance companies simply do not cover impounded vehicles. This is because motorists are seen as too high risk once their car has been seized. You will need a special seized car insurance policy to collect your car from the compound.

It is very likely that to compound staff will wish to contact us and verify that we are aware you are using your policy to collect an impounded car.

Can I use one day car insurance to collect my seized car?

Unfortunately you cannot use one day car insurance to collect your car from the compound. To release your car you will need a seized car insurance policy that is valid for at least 30 days. We can provide a quote for a 30 day short-term impounded car insurance policy.

How long do I have to collect my impounded/seized car?

From the date your car has been seized by the police you will have a total of 14 days to collect your car. After a 14 day period has elapsed the compound may destroy or auction off your car.

You must produce your documents and have your seizure notice stamped no later than 7 days after the car was first seized. You will then have a further 7 days to collect your car from the compound.

Can I have a named driver on impounded car insurance?

It is possible to have a named driver on some impounded car insurance policies. One of our advisors will be able to discuss this with you and ensure that you get the most suitable policy.

Do you offer insurance policies for convicted drivers?

We are able to source impounded car insurance for drivers with IN10 convictions. We also specialise in arranging insurance policies for drivers with other motoring convictions.