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Seized Car Insurance

Impounded Car Insurance UK are one of the leading companies offering seized car insurance. If your car has been seized by the police and taken to the compound we can provide the seized car insurance that you need to release your impounded car.

Once your car has been seized by the police you may find it difficult to find a company that offer insurance for seized cars. This means that your car could be stuck in the compound for days whilst you try to find seized car insurance; meaning more money spent on storage fees and more time wasted.

Seized Car Insurance

Most insurance companies do not offer seized car insurance and finding a policy in a hurry is simply not possible. Only specialist insurance companies like Impounded Car Insurance UK are able to provide insurance that allows you to collect a seized car.

By working closely with specialist insurance companies we can help more people and offer a wider range of seized car insurance options. With Impounded Car Insurance UK you have the choice of either short term seized car insurance or an annual seized car insurance policy. Each type of policy has benefits. Speak to one of our seized car insurance advisors to determine which policy meets your requirements.

Insurance For Seized Cars

Regardless of why your car has been impounded we should be able to help. If you have criminal convictions, motoring convictions, points on your driving license or have been refused insurance before; we can provide the seized car insurance that you need to release your seized car.

Impounded Car Insurance UK are here to save you both time and money. Instead of contacting dozens of insurance companies trying to obtain seized car insurance, contact us today as we can arrange insurance for seized cars quickly and for the lowest premiums on the market.

When Will I Need Seized Car Insurance?

In the UK there are a number of traffic offences that could cause the police to seize your vehicle. Under section 165a of the Road Traffic Act 1988, certain police officers have the authority to immediately seize your car and take it to a secure storage compound.

Insurance related offences are the most common reason for car seizures in Britain. If you are found to be driving your car without a valid insurance policy it is likely that the police will seize it. Your car can also be seized if you’re allowing somebody else to drive your car without proper car insurance.

There are other reasons that you may find yourself needing seized car insurance; if you’re caught driving your vehicle in a dangerous manner, leave it parked illegally or in a dangerous place, or if your vehicle is no longer roadworthy – it may have it seized on the spot.

Regardless of the reason that your car has been seized, it’s going to be a difficult exercise to find affordable car insurance that covers impounded cars. Once your car is in the police compound, releasing it will require a special seized car insurance policy.

How Do I Get Insurance For A Seized Car?

The majority of regular insurance providers will not offer seized car insurance policies which leaves the owner of a seized car in a difficult situation; the police will not release the car without proof of a valid car insurance policy, yet the large & trusted firms will not cover an impounded car.

Insurers that you have used for many years may no longer be able to help you. Even if you’ve never been in trouble for driving offences in the past, you’ll be seen as a major risk by insurance firms once your car has been seized.

Here at Impounded Car Insurance UK, we’re not here to judge you. We’ve built strong relationships with our partners, who specialise in offering seized car insurance policies that will allow you to collect your car from the compound. We’ll work our partners to tailor a policy for you at a price that won’t be beaten.

We understand how hard finding insurance for seized cars can be. The stress of finding an impounded car insurance policy is the last thing you need when you’re already facing compound fees, fines and even court appearances. We’re here to take away the hassle of finding an affordable policy that offers the cover that you need.