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    Impounded car release back on the open road

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Impounded Car Insurance

We work closely with several specialist insurers to ensure that our clients are getting the most suitable impounded car insurance policy, at the most competitive rates.

We have formed strong relationships with these insurance companies and this allows us to compare impounded car insurance premiums and pass the best quote on to you.

Insurance for Impounded Cars

Standard insurance companies will not cover impounded cars and the compound staff will check if your insurance policy is valid for the seized car. It is very important that you take out the right insurance policy to avoid paying further fees & costs and wasting your time at the police compound.

The reason that most insurance companies do not offer impounded car insurance is because it is seen as too high risk to insure a person once they have committed an offence that has resulted in their car being seized and impounded. This could be driving without valid car insurance for example, or without a valid driving license.

Finding an insurance company that offers cover for for impounded vehicles can often be very difficult and time consuming. At Impounded Car Insurance UK it is our aim to take the stress away from the process and source the seized car insurance that you need.

Seized Car Insurance

We can provide the impounded car insurance policy that you need to collect your seized car from the compound and are more than happy to speak to the compound to confirm that the policy is in place and covers your seized vehicle.

In most cases you can release your impounded car the same day providing that you have the other documents required (see our FAQ page for a list of things you will need).

Our friendly advisors will be more than happy to discuss the process of collecting your car from the compound and provide you with a no obligation quote today!

Call us now to get your quote on 0800 009 6828 or 0161 726 5570

Release Your Impounded Car

If your car has been seized by the police and impounded there are certain things you will need to get your impounded car released from the compound. As mentioned above, you will need an impounded car insurance policy. You will also need your driving licence, your v5 document to prove ownership of the vehicle and a valid MOT certificate.

It is very important you gather your documents quickly as you will only have a 2 week window of opportunity to get your seized car released before your vehicle gets crushed or auctioned off. Another reason to act quickly is that you will have to pay a storage fee for every day your car is left in the pound so the quicker you act the less you will have to pay for storage. Once you have gathered your documentation you will need to go to the pound that has been indicated on the seizure notice handed to you by the police, you will also need to take this notice to the pound in order for you to get your seized car released.

Which type of impounded car insurance do I need?

If your car is impounded by the police, you will need a certain type of insurance policy to get your seized car released. There are 2 types of impounded car insurance policies available; short term (also called 30 day policies) or annual insurance policies. There are benefits of each type of policy and you will have to decide which impounded car insurance policy is best for your circumstances. You can read a complete list of the benefits of each type of insurance policy in our article: Which type of car insurance policy is best for you?

Insurance Policies for Impounded Cars

All our insurance policies are genuine and have been underwritten by professional bona fide insurance companies, you will not be questioned about your impounded car insurance policy by the compound when you use one of ours policies. It is important that you know the company you are dealing with provides genuine policies, you don’t want to be caught out by using a ghost insurance company like those described in our article here

Talk to our friendly staff today that will be more than happy to help you find the best kind of impounded car insurance policy to meet your requirements. Or if you prefer you can submit your details and we will call you back as soon as possible and talk you through getting everything you need to get your impounded car released from the compound.

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