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Rise of car insurance fronting

The rise of car insurance fronting, and what fronting is

When you’re young and broke craving your own independence, it can seem like a good idea to cut costs, at any rate, however, this is not so when it comes to car insurance. An increasing number of young drivers are taking part in a practice called fronting to get the lowest possible price for their car insurance.


What is fronting?

Fronting is a particular form of fraud, specifically, it is when a parent takes out an insurance policy in their name as the main driver and adds their child as a named driver even though the child will be the main driver of the car. The benefits of this are that the policy will be a lot cheaper than for the young person taking out a policy in their own name. The savings can be quite substantial of up to 70% in some cases.

Can fronting for my child’s insurance policy get me in trouble?

If you are caught fronting it is likely that you will be prosecuted by the courts for committing insurance fraud and your child could have an IN10 conviction on their licence for driving without having the correct type of insurance. The car could also be impounded by the police if they are caught whilst driving. Having a criminal conviction on your record could also cause all sorts of trouble in the future when looking for new credit or taking out insurance.

Will my car still be covered on a fronted policy?

Simply put: No. If your car insurance company found out you were fronting your child’s insurance policy, they would not pay out for any claims to repair your vehicle. The insurance company would still be legally obliged to pay out for any third party claims to repair damages.

What happens if my car is impounded as a result of being caught fronting?

If your car is impounded and you would like it to be released from the compound you will need a special type of impounded car insurance policy along with a few other documents. The full procedure to getting your car release has been covered on this page here: How to release my impounded vehicle