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How to release your seized car from the compound

How do I get my seized car back?

Once your car has been seized by the police the officers involved will provide you with a seizure notice. The seizure notice will have details of where the vehicle was seized, the reason for the seizure and where the vehicle will be taken. A police approved towing company will arrive and your car will be taken to the designated police compound where it will be safely stored until collected.

Only certain police stations have been designated to deal with seized vehicles, so it is very important that you attend the police station detailed on your seizure notice.

From the day that your car is seized you will have 7 days to attend the police station to have your seizure notice stamped. You will then have a further 7 days to produce your documents and collect your car from the compound. If you do not collect your seized car from the compound within 14 days your car may be sold or auctioned.

Once your seizure notice has been stamped you must attend the police compound where your seized car is being held. If you are not able to collect that car yourself you may be able to nominate somebody else to attend the compound. To collect that your impounded car you will need to take your full driving license, your certificate of insurance and evidence of ownership (such as your look book or a bill of sale).

It is important that you have the right impounded car insurance policy as standard insurance does not cover a seized car. You will need to speak to a company that specialises in seized car insurance to make sure that you have a suitable policy in place.

If you fail to bring any of these documents with you or if your insurance policy does not cover a seized vehicle then you will not be able to collect your car and will face further delays and fees.

Once all of the documents have been checked and that compound staff are satisfied and the storage fees have been settled you will be allowed to leave with the seized vehicle. The whole process can sometimes take over an hour so allow plenty of time when attending the compound.

At Impounded Car Insurance UK we are happy to discuss the process with you should you need any further information. Call now for your seized car insurance quote!