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The AA Warn That Car Insurance Premiums Could Rise By 10%

Impounded Car Insurance UK offer insurance for vehicles that have been seized by the police for a motoring offence.

According to the AA, we could see increases of up to 10% in car insurance premiums in the coming months.

Over the last few years the insurance industry has really clamped down on fraudulent insurance claims, such as falsified injuries by motorists and their passengers. This reduction in fake claims has benefited the every day motorist, who have seen their premiums fall year on year for the past few years.

The AA have warned though that this could be as low as our premiums will go, as they have already started to slowly rise in 2015. The good news is, that the AA do not expect them to increase by any more than 10% before they level off again.

In the final quarter of 2014, the average car insurance premium had fallen to £540.26 which was a drastic drop when compared to the same time in 2013.

The Government is currently planning to ban injury claims from taking place without a proper medical examination taking place, meaning that we could see a reduction in the number of fraudulent or exaggerated claims being made. In turn this should hopefully result in a further drop in car insurance costs.

In the UK it is illegal to drive without a valid insurance policy in place that offers at least third party cover. If you are found to be driving without a valid insurance police your car will be seized by the police. You will need a special seized car insurance policy to be able to collect your car from the compound.

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