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Possible Age Increase For Driving Test in UK

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Plans could soon be introduced to increase the age required to hold a full driving license from 17 to 18 across the UK.

Under the proposed scheme new drivers aged 17 would be issued with a 12 month probationary driver’s license in a bid to reduce road accidents and crimes, such as driving a car without insurance, that involve young drivers.

At the age of 17 new drivers would have a 12 month probationary stage where they would have to tally up a specific amount of supervised driving time before being able to take their test and acquire a full driving license.

Amongst other limitations a curfew would be in place for new drivers, preventing them from driving between 10pm and 5am unless they have a passenger over the age of 30 with them.

Teenage drivers are also thought to be more likely to commit offences such as driving without insurance. This is because of a common misconception that the fines are less than paying for an expensive insurance policy. However, once other factors are taken into account – such as compound storage fees and the cost of a special impounded car insurance policy, this is often not the case.

Figures show that 20% of fatalities on the UK’s roads involve a young driver and officials are suggesting that the new scheme could save over 4,000 lives each year. It could also drastically reduce the number of people breaking the laws whilst driving in the UK.

In the UK the majority of uninsured drivers are thought to be young males. This claim is somewhat verified by the number of impounded car insurance policies that youngsters are applying for each day. When caught driving without valid car insurance, or when driving dangerously, police can any vehicle and take it to the police compound. Impounded car insurance is then required to collect the car from the compound.

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