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Anger as convicted criminals to get better car insurance rates than speeding motorists

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There is likely going to be a lot of anger amongst Britans 25 million plus motorists in coming weeks as convicted criminals will be able to get lower insurance rates whilst drivers with minor motoring offences, such as speeding, can expect to see their premiums rise.

The insurance industry is set to implement new rules meaning that a driver with a criminal conviction will effectively be able to have their conviction ignored when applying for car insurance, in a matter of mere months. At the same time, minor motoriring offences such as speeding are set to remain on driver’s records for up to give years.

In effect this means that car insurance for convicted criminals will become cheaper once their conviction is no longer taken into consideration, and that car insurance for drivers who have been caught speeding will rise and stay higher for a longer period of time.

On Monday it was announced that new rules mean many criminal records will no longer need to be provided to car insurance companies, under the Rehabilitation of Offencers Act.

The changes are being hailed by Deputy PM Nick Clegg, who said that the changes are designed to help the criminally convicted to put their past behind them and start afresh.

Drivers will receive this news sourly as a clause has been put in place meaning that penalty points and endorsements on drivers’ licenses still need to be disclosed to insurance companies meaning that premiums for these motorists will remain higher.

In the past, if you had received a fine for any offence then you would have to tell your car insurance company for the next five years – this timescale has now been reduced to just one year. If you had served a prison sentence of up to six months then you would have to disclose the fact for seven years – this timescale has now been reduced to just two years.

In contract, penalty points will stay on the driver’s license for three years. You will have to offer this information to car insurance companies for up to give years meaning that your premium could be a lot higher during this time.

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