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Average Tax Paid by Motorist over £1k – Impounded Car Insurance UK

Impounded Car Insurance UK can provide seized car insurance to release your car from the police compound.

In UK the average motorist is now paying in excess of £1,000 per year in taxes, such as road and fuel tax.

There are over 34 million vehicles on the roads in the UK. The latest figures revealed by the government show that each driver is paying roughly £1,100 per year in taxes – a total income to the government of £38 billion.

These profits come mostly from road tax and fuel tax. Road tax is a legal requirement in the UK and motorists that are caught driving without a valid tax disc can face fines and even have their car seized by the police.

Some drivers risk driving without valid tax due to the increasing cost of a tax disc, however having your vehicle seized by the police can be a costly ordeal. An automatic fine of £80 is issued if you are found to be driving without road tax. If your vehicle is impounded you will also have to pay for a special seized car insurance policy and pay compound fees to release your vehicle. Seized car insurance can be difficult to find and expensive and the compound fees are £200 plus a daily storage fee of £21.

Although the government are taking billions in tax from motorists the UKs roads are still in a bad state of disrepair and it is reported that there are large shortfalls in funding to repair and maintain our road network.

The majority of tax paid by Britain’s drivers is on fuel. Approximately 60% of the price of petrol or diesel is now tax.

Higher Taxes For The Future

Motorists are being warned that they will be targeted by the government with future increases to taxes being introduced soon.

This will likely lead to more problems with some drivers who may try to avoid paying for road tax or even car insurance. There are already increasing numbers of cars being seized every day and the demand for seized car insurance is on the rise.

If your car has been impounded for a motoring offence such as driving without road tax, Impounded Car Insurance UK can provide a seized car insurance policy for you to collect your car from the compound.

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