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Avoid Getting Your Vehicle Impounded

Find Out Why The Police Impound Cars And How You Can Avoid It Happening To You.

There are various reasons why your vehicle can get impounded, here are the top things you should do to stop it from happening to you:

Underage drivers and uninsured drivers are committing a road trafficking offence, as such the police have the powers to impound the vehicle they are driving before prosecuting the alleged drivers.

Driving without a licence  is another offence that can get your car impounded, the police have the power to seize and impound vehicles that are being driven by drivers who are not licensed to do so, this also includes drivers that may have a licence but not the appropriate licence for the vehicle class they are driving at the time, for example the driver may be licensed to drive a car but if the driver is found to be driving a heavy goods vehicle with that same licence the police will seize the vehicle and impound it.

If you park your vehicle illegally, for instance in a no parking zone or in a parking bay without sufficient payment for a long period of time, your vehicle can be seized and removed and taken to the impound.

Parking you car obstructively, obstructing someone’s access to their property or stopping them from exiting, the resident can complain and your car will be removed by the police and towed to the pound.

If you park your car in a location that presents a danger to other drivers, in a location that could impair driver visibility, or where you are dangerously obstructing other driver’s right of way, police can have your car towed away and impounded.

If you have purchased a car on finance the finance company is the legal owner of the vehicle, if you fail to keep up your payments on the vehicle the finance company can get your car repossessed through a court order that can give the police power to take your car to the compound. Make sure you keep up your finance payments, and if you are struggling to make these payments make sure you contact the finance company and come to a more suitable payment arrangement.

Using this guide you should now know what to avoid doing to make sure your car does not get impounded. In the event your car is impounded for not having the correct insurance we can help you get your car back just call Impounded Car Insurance UK today on 0800 009 6828  or 0161 726 5570

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