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Black box insurance could spy on drivers phones, radios & passengers

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With car insurance prices increasing, many are turning to telematics or “black box” type insurance policies in a big to keep their motoring costs down. Driving without car insurance carries heavy penalties, including having your car impounded by the police. If your car has been seized, you will need a special seized car insurance policy to release it from the compound. Contact Impounded Car Insurance UK today for your low cost seized car insurance quote.

Black box car insurance is becoming more popular in the UK every year with over 300,000 cars fitted with telematics technology already. It is estimated that within the next 10 years almost all drivers in Britain will have some form of tracking device in their car that will report back to their insurance provider.

Drivers that do not want to have black box technology insurance could be presented with higher premiums or be refused a policy.

Black box insurance allows motorists with good driving habits to be rewarded with lower premiums and is popular with young drivers so that they can reduce the usually high cost of their car insurance.

Certain providers of this type of policy require that the driver downloads an app to their mobile phone. Although currently not in place, these apps could in future be used to monitor whether the driver is texting, making phone calls or using their mobile phone for other purposes whilst they are driving.

If the monitoring app feeds back to the insurer that somebody is frequently using their phone whilst driving they could use this evidence to increase premiums or dispute any claims that have resulted from the driver’s negligence.

There are also other things that can distract drivers and cause accidents, such as the volume of music that is being played from the car radio system or the level of noise generated by passengers. Future black box devices would be able to monitor these nosie levels and even reduce the volume of the radio automatically.

As well as driving habits, the time of day that the car is most often used can also have an affect on the car insurance premium. It is already common practise for black box devices to monitor when the car is driven and for how long. Drivers that avoid rush hour and peak times and do not drive their car very often can benefit from black box insurance as they are less likely to be involved in a collision and therefore could pay less for insurance.

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