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Car insurance cheapest for Scottish motorists

More than 50% of the Uk’s cheapest areas for car insurance are located in Scotland.

AA insurance have carried out a study that shows Scotland is the cheapest country in the UK to insure a car, with over half of the cheapest postcodes lying north of the Scottish border.

Motorists living on the Isle of Man are likely to pay only a quarter of the average premium that a motorist living in London will pay.
Living in Central London will mean that you are in the most expensive area for car insurance, closely followed by Ilford and then Manchester.

The good news does not end there for Scottish motorists as it appears their premiums have fallen even lower, with prices in Glasgow falling to an average of £462 – a drop of 4% since the last quarter. Prices have also dropped in Edinburgh by 2.4% to just £337 on average.

Scotland benefit from lower premiums in part due to different laws when claiming for injuries such as Whiplash. The legal costs associated with claims are lower than they are in the rest of the UK.

Something for all motorists to be happy about, though, is the fact that on average we saw a drop of £120 off the price of a fully comprehensive car insurance policy. This brings the average cost down to just over £500. A major factor contributing to the lower premiums are government crack downs on fraudulent insurance claims and scams.

In general, across the UK, it has been declared by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (Biba) that our home and car insurance premiums have fallen across the UK by almost 7%.

The government has also been working closely with the police to lower the numbers of uninsured drivers on our roads. Motorists in the UK who are found to be driving without insurance can be heavily fined and have their car confiscated and taken to a police compound.

To release an impounded vehicle you must take out a valid impounded car insurance policy. Once you have obtained the correct insurance for seized vehicles, you can then pay the compound fees and release your impounded vehicle.

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