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Car Insurance Prices Fall – Impounded Car Insurance UK

If your car has been impounded then you will need a special seized car insurance policy to collect it from the compound. Impounded Car Insurance UK offer fast, cheap & suitable seized car insurance policies.

Seized Car Insurance Policies
Over the last 12 months car insurance prices have fallen by close to 12.5% on average. This means that car insurance has dropped in price more than any over year over the past two decades.

Recent figures have shown that the average cost of fully comprehensive car insurance has fallen by roughly £80. These statistics show the largest drop in car insurance premiums since 1994.

Younger drivers ages from 23 to 29 saw the largest reduction in car insurance premiums, with costs dropping on average by over 15%.

However insurance fraud and motorists driving without insurance are both problems that are on the rise in the UK. Although insurance premiums have dropped there are still drivers that feel the risk of driving without insurance outweighs the cost of a policy.

If you are caught driving without valid car insurance then you will be fined and your car will be seized and impounded. To release your impounded car from the police compound you will need a seized car insurance policy from a specialist insurance company such as Impounded Car Insurance UK.

On top of costs for a seized car insurance policy you will also have to pay compound fees for storing your impounded vehicle.

Insurance premiums for third party and fire & theft policies have also dropped, however these types of insurance policy are still much more expensive than comprehensive. This is because of the type of motorist that takes out these policies; usually young drivers without much experience.

If your car has been seized for any motoring offence, such as driving without a valid insurance policy then Impounded Car Insurance UK can help. We can provide seized car insurance, either a short term or annual policy that will suit your needs.

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