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Doctors and Surgeons most likely motorits to cause an accident

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In a recent report, carried out by, it was revealed that Doctors and Surgeons are the most likely motorists to cause an accident. A staggering 9 out of 10 of the professions that are responsible for the most accidents are in the medical sector.

On one end of the scale, for every 1,000 Surgeons that use a car, 361 made an insurance claim for an accident that was their fault in the last five years. GPs were second worst with 333 at fault accident claims.  To highlight how high these figures are, Building Society Clerks were responsible for just 4 claims for every 1,000 that drive over the last 5 years.

In the top ten most likely motorists to cause an accident, other healthcare workers included nurses, dentists and consultants. It is thought that more accidents are caused by these professions because these roles can often be stressful jobs, and as a result of tiredness or lack of concentration can set in whilst driving.

Drivers who are found to be least likely to be at fault in an accident were various administrative workers, funfair employees and car wash workers. work with specialist insurance brokers to provide insurance for impounded cars. If your car has been seized by the police for a motoring offence and taken to a compound, contact us today to arrange a quick and cost effective seized car insurance policy.