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Drivers Getting Caught By Councils Hit By £182million In Fines

CCTV is increasingly being used by councils to catch and fine drivers while not being aware that they are being monitored.

Since 2012 the rise in councils using Big brother methods to catch out motorists committing offences is estimated to be 76%.

Currently there are an estimated 768 active CCTV cameras being utilised throughout the UK by local councils to keep an eye on such traffic offences like:

  • Stopping in box junctions
  • Driving in Bus lanes
  • Illegal U-turns
CCTV watching motosits

CCTV watching motosits

Drivers that have been caught since 2012 by CCTV have been hit for £182 million in fines.
Being caught committing traffic offences on the road can lead to some drivers having their cars seized and impounded by the police, this can happen if drivers are caught driving without insurance, which will lead them to getting an IN10 conviction, and needing impounded car insurance policy to release their vehicle.

More than half of motorists (approximately 53%) are not aware that councils are watching them on the road using CCTV.

City Of Glasgow hardest hit by council fines

To date in 2015 councils have pulled in more than £36 million in revenue from Penalty Charge Notices (PCN), a high proportion of which has been pulled in from Glasgow.

London councils are especially making good use of the benefits of CCTV. Wandsworth council are utilising a total of 122 CCTV cameras to catch motorists while the neighbouring council of Hounslow are using 63 CCTV cameras.

Just these two boroughs alone make up for 25% of all CCTV used to catch motorists committing driving offences.

Only a selection of councils are able to fine motorists for driving offences, this is usually reserved for the police.

Cardiff became the first local authority in 2014 outside of London to be given powers to crack down on minor traffic violations.

Drivers dodging fines

Councils argue that they need extra powers to fine and catch drivers as some motorists seemingly get away with breaking the law.

Nearly half of motorists (45%) admit to having committed motoring offences and 13 % of drivers admit to never having been caught.

Percentage of drivers that have admitted to the following offences:

  1. Speeding – 62%
  2. Parking on double yellows – 21%
  3. Stopping in a box junction -19%
  4. Illegal U-turns -16%
  5. Driving in bus lane – 14%

Although 14% of drivers have admitted to driving through bus lanes illegally and 29% of motorists saying they would consider it, only 4% of motorists have been caught and fined.

A lot of drivers aren’t happy about having CCTV cameras watching them daily as they drive around day to day.

More than 40% of drivers see these measures as a means for local councils to make even more money from them. And nearly 25% of drivers are of the view that councils are wrong to use CCTV to catch motorists this way.

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