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Drug Drivers To Face Tougher Penalties

New Laws Have Been Brought In To Tackle Drug Drivers

From March 2nd new laws have been introduced making it illegal to drive with some drugs in your system above certain specified levels. New lowered limits are now in place for a handful of illegal drugs, including cannabis, cocaine & MDMA.

Drug driving insurance
Not only illegal drugs have been named in the new laws, however, as several legal prescription drugs are also included under these new laws. People who are taking prescription drugs according to advice from their doctor need not worry though, so long as their driving is not impaired by their medication.

Due to the new laws it is recommended that you speak to a healthcare professional before driving if you are taking any of the prescription drugs detailed in the legislation. These include diazepam, morphine, methadone amongst others.

The laws are being brought into force across the UK to help the police catch more people who endager the lives of others by driving whilst unfit through using drugs.

If you are convicted of a drug driving offence you could be subject to serious punishment, including a driving ban, hefty fines or even a prison sentence.

The cost of your insurance will also sky rocket, it’s not uncommon for convicted driver insurance to cost up to twice as much as a policy for somebody without convictions.

You may also have difficulty with your employer and could even be banned from travelling to certain countries if you have a drug driving conviction on your record.

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