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Impounded Car Insurance – Do drivers deserve more information regarding their car insurance premiums?

Impounded car insurance reporting on latest research published by Which? about car Insurance

Impounded Car Insurance found that recent research conducted by Which? stated that nearly nine out of ten people (85%) would find it useful to have the amount they paid last year on a renewal for any type of premium such as seized  car insurance, so that they can then make a more informed decision on whether or not they’d like to renew their policy. Two-thirds (68%) of those surveyed by Which? also stated that having last year’s premium would prompt them to begin searching for a better deal with a different insurer and around the same (64%) say they would find haggling for a discount a more desirable option with their current insurer if they were given this information.


Seized Car Insurance


Due to this, Which? has launched a “don’t pay a premium campaign” and is calling for impounded car insurers to explicitly explain any differences between last year’s and this year’s renewal quote so that anyone they’ve insured can make a considered decision. They also want seized car insurers to provide customers with their number of years of no-claim-bonuses and make sure that renewal letters are received by the customer at least three weeks before the insurance is due to renew so that the customer is sufficiently informed with time to spare.


Impounded Car Insurance

Insurance for impounded cars


Those who did haggle or switched their car insurance providers managed to save an average of £131 on their renewal offer according to the research made by Which?. This research really does highlight the importance of looking round during your renewal period on policies such as car insurance in the hope of finding a better deal, which is good practise for all consumers as it helps drive up competition between the insurers, thereby forcing them to cater to their customers even further. However, this can be difficult to decide if you aren’t given the full information on what you’ve been paying the previous year. People have made it clear that if their insurers to made it easy for them to find out what their old premium was that they’d be more likely to haggle and look for different cover. That being said, insurance renewal is never just about the price, and it’s important that everyone make sure that their policy is giving them exactly what they need so that they aren’t caught short in the future should the worst happen.

If you have been struggling to pay your premiums you might decide to skip getting insurance, however doing this can result in your car being seized by the police. If this has happened to you and you need to get your seized car out of the impound then talk to Impounded Car Insurance UK today on 0800 009 6828 or 0161 726 5570