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Impounded car insurance policies on the rise due to nationwide crackdowns

Police forces across the UK are clamping down on hoards of uninsured drivers.

Vast numbers of motorists are choosing to take to our roads without proper car insurance, prompting police forces and local authorities to take drastic measures. Thousands of uninsured cars are being seized by the police every week and as a result we’re receiving more enquiries for impounded car insurance every year.

Late last year we reported on a large scale campaign being carried out by Staffordshire Police, known as “Cars Behind Bars”. This high profile crackdown has been instigated to send a message to uninsured drivers, as over 5,700 motorists have been left in need of an impounded car insurance policy after having their vehicle seized.

“Cars Behind Bars” was launched in May of 2013 and has been a real success story for police in Staffordshire. Now, up and down the country, police are following suit and clamping down on car insurance dodgers.

Recent news reports have been full of stories about large numbers of cars being seized across the UK. During a day of action, Suffolk Police seized 19 vehicles in their attempt to reduce traffic crime. A number of vehicles were taken off the road as the driver did not have any insurance in place.

Elsewhere, several Midlands drivers find themselves needing impounded car insurance after their vehicles were seized as part of “Operation Hercules”. The campaign involves policy heavily patrolling trunk roads that are known hot spots for speeders and drivers flouting the laws of the road. As is often the case drivers that are guilty of driving without insurance are often caught because they have been spotted committing other offences. What could routinely have been a stop for a speeding offence could soon turn in to a vehicle being confiscated and the driver needing a seized car insurance policy to collect it.

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By using a large network of ANPR (advanced number plate recognition) cameras attached to their cars, police are able to automatically scan the number plate of a vehicle and check it against insurer’s databases to see if there is a valid car insurance policy covering it. If there is no car insurance policy registered for that car the police officers are alerted and they can then stop the driver and may seize the car.

There is a fixed penalty of £300 for drivers caught without car insurance, having increased from £200 back in 2013.

Drivers are only able to reclaim their car once they have obtained an impounded car insurance policy for seized cars. Even after a considerable increase in demand, insurance for impounded cars is only available from certain insurers; obtaining seized car insurance is often easier through an experienced broker.

Once the driver has proof of a valid impounded car insurance policy, there is a release fee of £150 plus £20 per day to pay at the compound where the vehicle is being stored.

If the police have seized and impounded your vehicle, get in touch today and we can look at getting an impounded car insurance policy for you. Call our impounded car insurance specialist team on on 0800 009 6828 or 0161 726 5570 to see how we can help.