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Impounded car insurance UK reports on a million pounds worth of seized cars

Police convoy seizes vehicles in crackdow in london

Police convoy seizes vehicles in crackdown in london


Impounded Car Insurance UK reports on a million pounds worth of seized cars

A million pounds worth of cars have been seized by police in a crackdown on insurance fraud and money laundering. Police in London carried out raids at dawn after car rental companies were found to be supplying criminals with vehicles that were not insured properly to avoid detection. Police were investigating crime organisations that were buying cars to hire out to other criminals. Fleet insurance policies were used by the criminals to avoid detection by police as not one person is registered to the vehicle so there was less chance for the vehicle to be stopped then an uninsured vehicle or a stolen car.

Police also discovered that criminals were laundering hundreds of thousands of pounds for other crimes while claiming that cash payments were taken for hire vehicles. Approximately £25 k in cash was seized when they raided 13 addresses and 5 businesses in London. 14 people were arrested for insurance fraud, money laundering, cocaine and immigration offences.

Six further arrests were made in London as officers ran a traffic operation for seven days in the city, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) was utilised to stop cars associated with several hire companies being investigated. In total 19 cars were seized for not being insured correctly, the cars are estimated to be worth just under 1 million pounds


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