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Why Do I Need Impounded Car Insurance?

When your car has been seized by the police you will need a special impounded car insurance policy that covers you to collect the vehicle from the police compound. A standard car insurance policy will not cover the release and collection of a seized vehicle.

The compound staff will check if you have an impounded car insurance policy in place and will often contact us to confirm that you have taken out the correct insurance for an impounded car.

Can I Use Standard Car Insurance To Collect My Impounded Car?

Standard insurance policies do not cover seized and impounded cars. This is because a person who has committed an offence serious enough to have their car seized is seen as too high risk for most insurers.

When you notify these insurance companies that your car has been impounded they will inform you that they are therefore unable to offer any cover for you and that you will need an impounded car insurance policy.

What If I Don’t Tell My Insurance Company That My Car Has Been Impounded?

Simply not telling the insurance company that your car has been impounded will not work. If you try to collect your vehicle from the compound with a standard insurance policy, the compound staff will simply refuse to release the car. As most insurance policies are non-refundable you could end up losing hundreds of pounds – as well as being responsible for any further storage fees incurred at the compound for the delay.

If your car has been seized and you need impounded car insurance you will save time and money be contacting a specialist insurance company, such as Impounded Car Insurance UK.