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Insurance Companies Will Have Access to Penalty Point System – Impounded Car Insurance UK

Impounded Car Insurance UK offer seized car insurance policies so that you can collect your seized car from the police compound. If your car has been seized and impounded by the police for a driving offence you will need seized car insurance – we are able to help.

From late next year car insurance companies will begin asking customers to provide their individual driving license number.

The DVLA will allow car insurance companies to use the 16 digit driving license number to check details about the driver’s license such as what type of license they have, when it was obtained and if they have any penalty points or convictions.

As insurance fraud continues to be a problem across the UK this move could drastically reduce the number of people that are lying to insurance companies to lower their car insurance premiums. Click here to read Impounded Car Insurance UK’s recent article about insurance fraud.

At present there are no measures in place to check that applicants are telling the truth about their driving record, and by withholding certain information it is possible to get lower car insurance premiums.

Providing false details could result in your insurance being voided and your car being seized. Once  your car has been seized you will be liable to further costs such as fines, compound fees and seized car insurance which could drastically outweigh any saving made by falsifying your details to your insurance provider. You will need a special seized car insurance policy to be able to collect your car from the police compound, where it will be taken if you are caught driving without valid car insurance.

It is thought that insurance fraud in the UK adds an approximate £15 to every insurance policy sold, so the move could offer a saving for honest consumers.

If your car has been seized by the police for a motoring offence, such as driving without valid car insurance then we can provide the seized car insurance that you need. As most insurance companies do not offer seized car insurance you will struggle to find a policy in time to collect your impounded car.

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