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Manchester Police Seizing Cars In Clampdown

Seized Car Insurance report on Manchester crackdown on uninsured and untaxed vehicles.

Manchester police have stopped and questioned 60 motorists in one morning during a crackdown on illegal drivers in the city centre. Any illegal drivers caught have had their vehicles seized and impounded.


Police are using number plate recognition technology to scan more than 3000 cars per hour which can verify whether a car has been stolen or has valid insurance policy on it.

Approximately 16 police officers are patrolling the city centre, along with squad cars and special ANPR equipped vehicles.
Greater Manchester Police have enlisted the help of VOSA and the council for constant updates on the city’s CCTV systems.

Police are also cracking down on speeding, untaxed vehicles and not correctly seated children.

The ANPR cameras automatically read registration plates and compare them against a database, the ANPR alert the control room who then deploy officers to the area.

Police have recovered stolen vehicles and seized others, most surprising was the amount of people that were not seating their children properly in a safe fashion.

Police have been using marked vehicles and have not been unfair by covertly operating on suspected illegal drivers

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