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Motorists In London Paying £500 More For Car Insurance – Impounded Car Insurance UK

Impounded Car Insurance UK work closely with specialist insurance brokers to find seized car insurance policies for our clients. If your car has been impounded we can find seized car insurance for you at the best rates to have you back on the road in no time.

Impounded Car Insurance UK
Motorists in London are reported to be paying an estimated £500 per year more than the rest of the UK.

Recent statistics have shown that people living in the country’s Capital are paying more than double the average cost for car insurance in the UK. The average car insurance policy for Londoners costs around £1170 which is a huge increase compared to the national average premiums.

The capital is also a hot spot for motoring offences and more cars are being seized by police in London every day. Cars in the UK are seized for various motoring offences but the most common reason is driving without valid car insurance.

Motorists who have their car seized by the police will then need to follow strict guidelines to retrieve their impounded car, including the purchase of a specialist seized car insurance policy.

The cost of a seized car insurance policy for an impounded car varies but it is typically more expensive than the cost of a standard insurance policy. Impounded car insurance is not the only cost that drivers will face once their car has been seized as they are also likely to face fines and police compound storage fees.

If you have had your car seized by the police for any reason than Impounded Car Insurance UK can find a suitable insurance policy for you today.

Do not hesitate to contact us, as you will only have up to 14 days to retrieve your car once it has been impounded. If you do not attend the police compound with the required paperwork and seized car insurance policy your car could be crushed or auctioned off by the police.

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