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Number of young drivers without insurance on the rise

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Shocking figures from a recent survey have shown that more than 10,000 motorists every year are now banned during the first few months after passing their test. More than half are caught without any insurance. Many of the offenders are reportedly young drivers who have taken the risk of not driving uninsured instead of paying the high premiums that they are offered. Because of better technology and big police operations to catch illegal drivers, many new drivers end up being disqualified almost as soon as they have passed their driving test according to the motor journal Auto Express.

Using a Freedom of Information request to the DVLA it was found that since June 2010, 40,481 drivers have found themselves banned from driving within two years of acquiring their driver’s license. Newly appointed drivers only need to accumulate six points within that period to find themselves banned which is half of the usual twelve points that experienced motorists are allowed to gather. Over 50% of the cases (21,148) were for driving without insurance. The consequences for this offence are an automatic six point penalty and a considerable fine.

The drivers who are caught without insurance are also likely to have their car seized by the police meaning it will be taken to a police compound and stored until the relevant documents are produced. Releasing an impounded car can add further costs to the offence, as a special impounded car insurance policy will be required for any driver who wants to release their seized car. There can also be costly storage fees charged on a daily basis by the compound.

Another offence that contributed significantly to the above statistics is “fronting”. The act of fronting is where an experienced driver, usually a parent or family member, takes out an insurance policy claiming to be the main driver of a vehicle. Then, a high risk driver – such as a teenager or new driver – will be added to the policy as a named driver, but will be in fact be driving the vehicle the majority of the time. The reason for fronting an insurance policy is that by having a more experienced and perhaps older motorist named as the main driver, the premium is often much lower as they are expected to be driving most of the time. This is considered a form of insurance fraud.

The Department of Transport have said that modern computerised checking systems are beginning to make it much harder to get away with driving an uninsured vehicle or to use a fronted insurance policy. Cameras now record number plates and cross check them against an insurance database that provides instant feedback on whether a car is insured or not and the details of any policy that is in place. Insurers are also more likely to investigate who the real “main driver” of a vehicle is if a significant accident or claim takes place in an attempt to stop fronting fraud.

Figures have shown that although young drivers are still driving without insurance, there has been a major improvement over recent years. In 2005 it was estimated that 1 in 5 drivers under the age of 20 had no insurance. Recent numbers are claimed to be as low in 1 in 17. However, Police, insurance firms and the governement will continue to clamp down on uninsured drivers and it will continue to get harder for people to get away with this serious offence.

If you have been found to be driving without insurance and had your car seized by the police, Impounded Car Insurance UK can source specialist seized car insurance that you need to release your car.

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