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Rich not above the law as £400k supercar is seized

Police in the country’s capital have recently been working on a major crackdown on uninsured drivers. As part of a large operation across London over 180 cars have already been seized and impounded because the drivers did not have valid car insurance. Driving without insurance is a major driving offence and can turn into a costly experience. There is a strict procedure for collecting your seized car and you will also need to take out an impounded car insurance policy.

No special treatment

Impounded Car Insurance - Seized Car Insurance
There is no special treatment for the rich or famous and this week the police have seized and impounded a Lamborghini Aventador – worth a mind blowing £400,000. The car was initially stopped for a minor offence but further checks revealed that the driver of the super expensive sports car was not insured to drive the car. The police seized the car and had it towed to the police compound. The owner will now face fines and have to take out a special impounded car insurance policy in order to get their car back.

This is only the latest in a string of high value cars to have been seized recently. Across the country motorists are driving without valid insurance and there is a real risk that they could be stopped by the police and that their car could be impounded, no matter how expensive it is.

Not all drivers are purposely breaking the law and in many cases they are not aware that their car insurance does not cover the car that they are driving. However the police do not make exceptions and it is the driver’s responsibility to make sure that they are insured for the vehicle.

Impounded Car Insurance

Once your car has been seized by the police it will be taken to the compound where it is stored until collected. On top of fines for the offence you will also be liable to pay towing and storage fees to the compound.

Before you collect the vehicle you will need to ensure that you have valid impounded car insurance and take your documents to be verified by the police.

If you need any advice on how to collect your car Impounded Car Insurance UK are more than happy to help.


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