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Road accidents cost UK “billions”

Whether it’s a small bump at a junction or a head on collision at speed; motor accidents can be nothing more than an inconvenient delay to your daily commute or they can turn into a total nightmare. With over 40,000 road accidents every year in the UK, the cost to Britain is in excess of £30 billion every year.

In 2012 over £15 billion was spent on damage to vehicles and properties alone as a result of motor accidents. Other factors that are costing Britain billions are loss of work time due to injuries and the cost of injuries and medical fees.

Number of seized vehicles rising & demand for impounded car insurance increasing

With every insurance claim made increasing premiums, more motorists are taking to the road without insurance. As a result of this, the police have been catching uninsured drivers at an increasing rate and the number of cars seized by the police is growing each day. To release these cars a special seized car insurance policy is required.

Drink-driving offences increasing

There have also been alarming increases in the number of drink-driving related accidents in recent years. This is another major cause for cars being seized in the UK.

Impounded Car Insurance UK

There are not many insurance companies in the UK that offer impounded car insurance. As the demand has grown greatly we have seen a big rise in the number of enquiries for seized vehicle insurance policies.

Impounded Car Insurance UK is one of the few places offering to insure vehicles that have been seized by the police and are being stored in the police compound. We are also specialists in sourcing convicted driver insurance and policies for drivers who have previously been banned from driving.

Read our FAQ page for information on how to release your impounded car or van. Alternatively you can contact one of our advisors who will be more than happy to discuss the process with you and find the most suitable impounded car insurance policy for you at a very competitive rate.