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Seized cars on tour to warn motorists

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Cheshire police have taken some of the cars that they have seized on tour to warn motorists against driving without a valid insurance policy.

uninsured vehicle seized
Across Cheshire, seized vehicles are on display outside of police stations to highlight how much driving without insurance can really cost offenders. Among the cars on display are several high end cars, including a silver Mercedes outside of Winsford Police Station.

Driving without car insurance can be a costly offence. Whilst a small portion of drivers opt to break the law to avoid paying insurance premiums, they face much bigger costs and penalties if caught. Currently, driving without valid car insurance can incur a driving ban, at least 6 penalty points on your driver’s license, up to £5,000 in fines and the possibility that your car will be seized immediately at the roadside.

Another added cost that can mount rapidly is the fees that the police compound will charge for storing your seized vehicle. You will be charged a daily fee until you collect your car from the secure unit. Before you can collect your vehicle, you will also need to arrange a special seized car insurance policy- as standard car insurance companies will not offer insurance for and impounded car.

In 2014 research indicated that around £33 was being added to every car insurance policy to cover the cost of uninsured drivers that have been involved in accidents.

Please be aware that you will not be able to collect your seized vehicle from the compound without providing evidence that you have a valid impounded car insurance policy, valid MOT and that your vehicle is taxed.