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Smoking To Be Banned In All Cars?

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Seized Car Insurance - Smoking in car to be banned
A downing street source has commented that The Government will make it an offence to smoke in your car in England & Wales when children are also in the vehicle.

MPs for England & Wales have voted in favor to make changes to the Children and Families Bill which will allow ministers to enforce the ban on smoking in a vehicle whilst there are children passengers

The vote passed by 376 to 107, meaning that the ban is extremely likely as it has proven a popular topic with MPs across the nation. Welsh ministers will now have to decide if they will follow suit and implement the same bans as will be brought in for England.

The move comes as campaigners are pushing hard to protect children from passive smoking. Smoking in public places has been a criminal offence for a number of years across Britain now, however there have never before been any laws implemented to protect children from second hand smoke in confined spaces.

It is unclear at present when these moves will take place and what the implications of failing to comply with the new laws will be. It is likely that any offenders will receive a hefty fine although it is not clear if any type of driving penalty such as points will accompany the punishment.

There are several motoring offences in the UK that will lead to the seizure of your vehicle which will be taken to and held at a police compound. To release your vehicle you will need to take out a specialist seized car insurance policy. If you need to get a seized car insurance quote then contact our agents today, we will scour the market to find the lowest cost policy available and can have you covered the same day.