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New system launched to reduce car insurance fraud

A new system called “MyLicense” has been launched to help reduce motor insurance fraud in the UK.

The system has been created to form a bridge between the DVLA, the Motor Insurer’s Bureau and the insurance industry. With the introduction of this new system, insurers will be able to access up to date information about any motorist that applies for cover with them.

Development of the system has been a long term goal of the DVLA who are aiming to digitalise all of the data that it has about drivers.

It will eliminate a large portion of insurance fraud by taking away the ability to provide false information on insurance applications.

Impounded Car Insurance Fraud
It is estimated by the DVLA that up to 23% of motorists provide false information a bout their driving record, such as driving convictions, points & bans in order to achieve lower car insurance premiums.

If your car insurance policy has been obtained by providing false information then it could be deemed invalid in the event of a claim. Driving without a valid insurance policy is a criminal offence and you are at risk of receiving a motoring conviction and could even have your car seized by the police.

To release a seized car you will need a specialist impounded car insurance policy.

The introduction of the system has received much praise from Transport Minister Claire Perry, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and the Association of British Insurers.

Hopefully, once the system is fully operational, motorists too will see the benefit of this system in the form of lower car insurance premiums.