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Tackling insurance fraud and how it affects you

car insurance fraud

Impounded Car Insurance UK reports – Fraudulent claims can invalidated your policy and have your vehicle seized by the police

As the current car insurance system stands, those disclosing honest information to their car insurers on accidents they may have incurred or been involved in are beginning to pay higher and higher premiums. This is due to an estimated 23 per cent of drivers, according to the Association of British Insurers, making incorrect disclosures and causing any resulting claims to be more complex, leading to higher premiums for you.


As of February, car insurance firms will have the ability to access DVLA information regarding convictions and penalty points in the hope of reducing the level of fraud currently taking place in Britain. Insurers will be able to cross check this information meaning they will not rely solely on the motorist’s declaration, which are steadily proving to be false on a worrying scale, leading to a far more specific and fairer form of car insurance.


As the Director of the RAC foundation says, “Insurance prices have increased over recent years and anything that enables premiums to more realistically reflect a motorist’s risk and driving record should help bring down the cost of running a car for those who tell the truth.”


This means that for you, assuming you are one of the 77 per cent telling the truth, will not have to continue paying increasing premiums for your car insurance. It’s hoped that through this ‘MyLicence’ scheme, the culture of false disclosure will be reversed by the insurers and lead us towards a fairer and cheaper system of insurance for everyone.

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