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Uninsured driver hot spots revealed

Across the UK police forces are clamping down on uninsured motorists. The number of impounded cars across the nation continues to grow but it is estimated that there are still in excess of one million drivers on our roads without car insurance.

Research released by car insurance company Churchill has shown that East London has the highest number of impounded cars in the UK – as one in eight motorists in the area have no insurance.

The top 10 areas for uninsured drivers

The top 10 areas for uninsured drivers

The data reveals that as a percentage of the vehicles on the road, East London has the highest number of uninsured vehicles of any area in Britain. It’s no surprise that over 119,000 cars have been impounded by the police across London.

Other areas of London are suffering from the same problem with most areas of the capital featuring in the top 10 places to find drivers on the road without insurance. The police have seized and impounded over 216,000 of the total 3.9 million cars on the roads in London.

Liverpool and Bradford closely follow London where 1 in 13 drivers on the road don’t have car insurance. In Manchester 1 in 14 drivers are on the road illegally.

The demand for impounded car insurance remains at an all time high due to the number of police operations in progress across the nation in attempts to curb the number of uninsured cars on the roads.

Not only are the drivers of uninsured vehicles risking having their car seized and impounded by the police; they are putting other drivers at risk. If a driver is involved in an accident with one of the high risk areas there is a large chance that the other driver has no cover in place to pay for damage, medical or legal costs incurred.

Statistics show that an uninsured driver is also more likely to be breaking other laws. Police that have impounded vehicles in London have reported finding firearms and large amount of cash and drugs in some of the cars. Other drivers that have been stopped by the police have also been found to be over the alcohol limit for driving.

If the police suspect that a vehicle is being driven without insurance they have the power to seize it at the road side and impound it. The owner of the vehicle must then attend the compound where the vehicle will be stored and prove that they have a valid impounded car insurance policy to collect it.

The advice for motorists that are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver is to take down as many details as possible; record the registration plate, make and model of the vehicle and the contact details of the driver. It is also very important that you take down the details of as many witnesses as possible to help identify who’s fault the accident was.