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Uninsured Drivers to be banned from buying fuel

New plans could soon be introduced to ban uninsured drivers from buying fuel at petrol stations across the UK.

Drivers who take to the road without a valid insurance policy have become a major problem in the UK. It is now estimated that one in 25 drivers, or 4%, are now choosing to drive without purchasing car insurance.

The police have been clamping down on uninsured drivers recently and with the advances of technology such as ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) they have been catching uninsured drivers and an increasing rate. There are now more than 500 cars being seized and impounded every day in the UK. There are hefty fines in place to deter people from breaking the law and driving without insurance; once their car has been seized there are hefty fines, storage fees and then an additional impounded car insurance policy is required to collect the vehicle.

The latest plan is to install ANPR cameras at petrol stations which would then check the car registration plate against the existing databases. Drivers whose cars are flagged as uninsured or untaxed would be unable to buy fuel and the police would be automatically informed.

Once the police have been informed it will be down to them to catch the uninsured driver and seize their car as soon as possible. Once the car has been seized and impounded, the driver will be fined for their actions and appropriate action taken. The driver will then need to take out a specialist impounded car insurance policy in order to release their car from the police compound.

Preventing uninsured drivers from buying fuel is one more way that the police are working on to remove illegal drivers from the roads. The scheme has the support of the large insurance companies who recognize the scale of the problem these drivers cause.

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The aim is to take as many illegal drivers off the road which will reduce premiums for those people that abide by the law. On top of financial gains for drivers across the UK the project will also increase the safety of Britain’s roads as uninsured drivers cause approximately 150 deaths each year.

The majority of people who chose to drive without insurance are young males who often believe that the fines they will have to pay will be less than the cost of the insurance policy. While this is often true it does not take into account other costs involved such as fees and the cost of the impounded car insurance policy required to release the seized car.

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