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Valet Parking And Car Insurance

Motorists in the UK risk having their car seized by the police for committing motoring offences. If your car has been seized by the police and impounded, you will need contact a special seized car insurance company to release it. Impounded Car Insurance UK can provide seized car insurance for you to collect your car at great rates.

Seized Car Insurance
If you have ever used valet parking you could have unknowingly left your vehicle uninsured against any damage caused. Recent research has shown that half of insurance policies will not cover any damage that has been caused whilst your car was left with valet parking.

Over 200 fully comprehensive car insurance policies have been studied and 49% of them state that valet parking is excluded from their cover.

This means that when you leave your car in the hands of valet parking, any damage caused may not be covered. It is strongly advised that you check your insurance policy document to see exactly what is covered.

Some valet parking companies assure car owners that their insurance will cover their vehicle, however damage to your car and your possessions left in the car may not be covered if an accident occurs.

There have also been cases where valet parking operations have misled customers into believing their vehicle will be stored securely in their absence, whilst in reality the vehicles were left in compounds without CCTV or proper security measures.

Breaching the terms of your insurance policy could even leave your insurance void. If you are found to be driving without a valid insurance policy your vehicle could be seized and impounded. This could be a major financial burden and be a very stressful process.

Standard car insurance companies are unable to offer insurance for impounded cars. Because of the risks involved only specialist seized car insurance companies tend to insurance impounded vehicles.

If your car has been seized you can call Impounded Car Insurance UK for a quote today!

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