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Yearly SORN Requirement To Be Scrapped

In our recent article regarding changes to UK road tax we told our readers about efforts from the government to reduce red tap for Britain’s motorists.

Additional announcements that have recently been made have revealed that there will no longer be a need to send a new SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) to the DVLA every year. Instead, motorists will now only need to make the DVLA aware that they want to declare their vehicle off the road one time.

Current requirements mean that if you declare your vehicle off road you will need to renew your SORN every 12 months. With over 1 million repeat SORNs sent to the DVLA every year, the move is touted to save motorists time as well as saving the tax payer money by reducing the amount of paperwork dealt with by the DVLA offices.

If you do not pay for road tax or send a SORN to the DVLA you are at risk of having your vehicle clamped or impounded by the police. You could also be fined an automatic penalty of £80 plus the original cost of road tax for your vehicle.

If your vehicle has been impounded by the police then you will need special insurance for impounded cars. Impounded Car Insurance UK are able to offer short term insurance for impounded cars as well as annual insurance to release a car from the police compound.

If you are unsure what type of impounded car insurance quote you need, see our post about Short Term vs. Annual impounded vehicle insurance policies. Alternatively visit our Insurance Policies page for more information.