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Archive for October 2016

Car insurance premiums tipped to drop as new technology takes over

driverless car insurance

Impounded Car Insurance UK look at a recent study which has suggested that technology such as driverless cars, improved data collection and more people sharing cars will hammer down the cost of car insurance. A recent report from the Boston Consult Group and Morgan Stanley has suggested […]

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Want to save money on your car insurance? Try haggling…

impounded car insurance

Our team have recently been looking at the increasing trend of haggling with insurers for a better deal. With car insurance costs soaring at a record rate, we’re now paying an average of £788 per year for cover. Prices have shot up by 13.5% in just one […]

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Car insurance biggest cost concern for drivers

Car in bubblewrap

Impounded Car Insurance UK looks at the RAC Report on Motoring and how it has revealed that drivers biggest cost concern is their car insurance. The RAC have surveyed over 1,700 drivers as part of their Report on Motoring, with almost half (46%) of those asked claiming […]

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Luxury models among 22,500+ seized cars this year

BMW seized

In this article we are going to take a look at recent statistics showing that it’s not just low-end cars being seized by the police. You would be forgiven for assuming that people who drive without insurance are those on lower incomes; those who either can’t afford […]

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